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Remote Viewing from the Ground Up tells the story of the most successful early remote viewing company: TransDimensional Systems. The author was a viewer, project manager, and Training Coordinator. Part One provides an inside look at training, operations and organization based on project reports and RV sessions, courses, presentations, emails and posts. Part Two consists of original documents from the former TDS web site, The Larger Universe.

Available in print and Kindle versions.

"Remote Viewing from the Perspective of “Embodied Mind” (2 parts,  Issues 1 and 2)

"Trailmarkers in the Forest – Results from Two Team ARV Trials" (Issue 4)

"What Was That Thing in the Sky Over Oakland, California in November 1896?" (Issue 7) 
"The 'Pictolanguage' of Psi Sketches" (Issue 10)


"Remote Viewing Meets the Mystery of Oak Island" (Issue 11)

"Putting SUARV to the Test" (Issue 15)

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